How Frequent Pay Works

How Frequent Pay works

Frequent Pay is a 100% Australian owned payment processor. Frequent Pay allows you to pay any person or business using your credit card - even if they don't accept credit card payments!

Why Use A Credit Card?

Using a points-earning credit card for payments instead of cash or Eftpos offers a range of advantages. Earn frequent flyer or reward points which can be used to redeem for travel in business or first class, buy giftcards and more.

Paying by credit card can also help to extend your cash flow. By using Frequent Pay, you can leverage your credit card balance to grow your business or spread out payments over a period of time.

How We Do It?

The process is simple, in exchange for a small service fee, we will take payment from you (via credit card) and disburse the funds to any Australian bank account.

This means you can earn credit card rewards, maximise your cash flow and even negotiate better payment terms with suppliers

Our Application

All payments are managed via the secure Frequent Pay online payment portal. Here, users can seamlessly schedule payments, manage invoices and bills and more. Why not try us out?